Fundraising and purpose

United We Stream will provide streams from various clubs several days a week. During these streams, supporters can donate a variable amount to Berlin clubs via a fundraising platform.

All income from these streams goes to a rescue fund to support clubs in difficulty, with 8% of the funds going to the Foundation Fund for Civilian Sea Rescue (Stiftungsfonds Zivile Seenotrettung). The Clubcommission Berlin e.V and Reclaim Club Culture have developed a catalog of criteria for the distribution of the rescue fund and commissioned an independent jury.

Who can apply?

Clubs and live music venues based in Berlin and with an audience capacity of no more than 1,500 guests can apply for the fund. Unfortunately, individual artists, organizers or collectives cannot apply. However, they are eligible for part of the 20% share of the funds that the clubs receive for hosting the streams (hosting pool). The hosting club alone decides how this money is divided.

The Jury

The applications are assessed by a committee to make sure that they are correct and legitimate; this committee, in its second role as a jury, then weighs those applications which have been deemed to be legitimate according to various criteria.

The jury is a 6-member body which will be determined by the Club Commission Berlin (CC) and Reclaim Club Culture (RCC). The jury will be a diverse committee that represents and knows as many facets of Berlin’s club culture as possible: