United We Stream takes Dominik Eulberg on a research trip to the most secret corners of the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin

Club culture and Natural History merge in a unique artistic way in
the digital space

What do club culture and biodiversity have in common? Both are complex, fragile
systems, acutely endangered and their preservation is elementary. That is why Dominik
and United We Stream are joining forces to create awareness of the uniqueness,
diversity and fragility of both systems and to provide a special impulse for social change.

Under the heading THE SOUND OF BIODIVERSITY, the natural scientist and well-known
music producer Dominik Eulberg presents a specially created live set, which he has
arranged, tailored to a digital museum tour with the scientific assistant Dr. Kim Mortega.
The tour takes the viewer into the exhibition rooms of the Museum of Natural History
and to a variety of research collections that are normally hidden from the public.

UNITED WE STREAM: Dominik Eulberg – The Sound of Biodiversity
December 19, 2020, 19:00 – 21:30 (CET)
Location: Museum of Natural History Berlin
Further partners: Deutsche Wildtier Stiftung, NABU, Voelkel Naturkostsäfte

“With the Museum für Naturkunde as an innovative educational institution and
United We Stream as a highly elaborate art mediator, a distinctive blend for my
Dominik Eulberg describes his special co-production with United We Stream
and the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin.
With him as a mediator of Humboldt’s idea, a stream was produced in the museum that is
dedicated to the understanding between science, nature conservation and club culture.
The audience can expect a specially created 90-minute live set by the interdisciplinary,
electronic concept artist in front of the breathtaking biodiversity wall of the Museum of
Natural History, which acts in creative interplay with the digital museum tour by Dr. Kim
Mortega. Auditively accompanied by the live set, she guides the audience through the
rooms that are inaccessible to the public, which make up well over 90 percent of the
museum’s surface area. This is where the true treasure of the institution is located. Thirty
million exhibits are assembled into a gigantic, scientific collection, and the camera shows
what is hidden inside. A convolute of natural treasures, fragilities and colorful diversity
that reactivates the childlike amazement of the audience and sensitizes them to the
wonders of nature. For Eulberg, each of these spaces sounds different and he captures
these atmospheres, translates them into his very own electronic sound and thus
combines what he protects and values: Techno and biodiversity!

In cooperation with the Deutsche Wildtier Stiftung, NABU and Voelkel Naturkostsäfte,
current studies, conservation programs and other measures have been compiled so that
valuable aspects of nature conservation and nature education are mentioned in the stream. They also contributed information about the exhibits in the museum tour, which
enables the audience to classify what they see and understand nature in an elegant way.

Through the mutual support of the cooperation partners, valuable knowledge was
bundled and transported in the sense of “united” to a common goal: To achieve the
preservation of a genetically diverse biodiversity and a diversity of natural habitats, as well
as the enthusiasm for and protection of the same.

“Human beings only perceive what they are aware of and only protect what they
Dominik Eulberg

The interplay of museum tour and live set is followed by a one-hour discussion between
Dr. Kim Mortega and Dominik Eulberg, in which they talk about the systemic relevance of
art and club culture, Humboldt’s educational ideal, the museum in the course of time and
the state of domestic biodiversity. They show why it is necessary to communicate and
raise awareness through art and why biodiversity is an insurance for survival for us and
future generations.

As an excellent research museum and innovative communication center, the Museum für
Naturkunde Berlin helps shape the scientific and social dialogue about the future of our
planet – worldwide.

“The interdisciplinary cooperation with Dominik Eulberg and United We Stream and
this new streaming format is a further step towards a social-ecological
says Dr. Kim Mortega.

THE SOUND OF BIODIVERSITY intends to encourage the viewers to take a look into the
future: What are the social tasks ahead of us? What developments are foreseeable? What
is in store for club culture worldwide and what can our solidarity answer be? The same
applies to nature and the threatened biodiversity. There, too, the status quo leaves little
room for “go on like this”. Here, art and club culture are seen as significant door openers for initiating new
dialogues, building bridges to nature conservation and working together to bring about
change in our society.

Additional information about UNITED WE STREAM

Club culture is in an unprecedented crisis worldwide and Germany is in a second
lockdown. UNITED WE STREAM has been working to preserve club culture since the
beginning of the pandemic and draws attention to its endangered situation. The Berlin
project was able to collect more than 500.000,00 Euro for local clubs and founded a
worldwide solidarity campaign. UNITED WE STREAM attracts a broad audience worldwide
through different, cross-genre cultural formats at changing clubs and cultural locations.
The platform was launched on March 18, 2020 and has since generated over 40 million
views worldwide. Within the digital space, music lovers:innen find low-threshold access to
an integrative variant of cultural programs and club culture. Nearly 2200 artists:innen at
437 locations from 96 cities have already participated in streaming and collected
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