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United We Stream, in alliance with ARTE Concert, will host a streaming platform of Berlin´s clubs, event organizers and artists and will showcase the entire range and diversity of this scene on one channel. In addition to streaming live DJ sets, live music and live performances, United We Stream will be a platform for discussion sessions, presentations and movies addressing various themes relating to our club culture.

However, we need your support so that Berlin´s club scene can survive these difficult times.

By contributing just 10, 20 or 30 euros per month, you can become a sponsor and receive a virtual Club Ticket. In addition to this, you can donate to clubs and event organizers directly or buy solidarity merchandise.

All income from the stream will go directly to a relief fund which will support clubs and event organizers in need. For the distribution of these funds, the Clubcommission Berlin e.V. has developed a catalog of criteria and has appointed an independent jury.